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SF 1966 / HF 1914: Aligning Statutory Language with Current APRN Practice

20 Feb 2020 7:38 PM | Anonymous member

Background: the Minnesota Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Coalition is supporting legislation to align multiple outdated state statutes to current APRN practice. State statutes still contain restrictive language that can impede care.

APRNs provide care to individuals from birth to old age, and in many cases serve as a primary care provider. We serve Minnesotans throughout the state, often providing care to underserved communities in all settings. This legislation furthers the goal of updating outdated statutory language to reflect the current practice of APRNs.

These changes will:

  • ·         Increase efficiency for patients. Care delivery and form completion can be addressed in the same visit, thus reducing delays in care and unnecessary costs incurred due to delays with form completion.
  • ·         Promote productive use of the health care workforce. Some of these changes eliminate the need for two health care providers to sign, stamp, certify, or endorse one patient’s care forms.
  • ·         Update outdated statutory references. These changes align statues with current APRN practice.

Removing outdated signature laws is consistent with recommendations from major policy organizations such as the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine), National Governors Association, National Conference of State Legislatures, National Council of State Boards of Nursing, and the Federal Trade Commission.

Recommendation to our MN legislators: Support and advocate for SF 1966/HF 1914 in your committee or in a floor vote.

Contact information:      MN APRN Coalition: admin@mnaprnc.org www.mnaprnc.org

                                                Maureen O’Connell, JD

                                                Lisa Fink, CNM, JD

                                                Government Affairs Consultants


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